Friday, January 09, 2009

Bad Cop, NO DONUT!

     Why is it when cops take time out of my life to hassle me, they always call me a gentleman? Do these idiots get training to do so? Is it just a coincidence?

     Today, within five minutes of 3:3Opm, at 78th and 3rd avenue, a cop van, in the intersection, decided to turn on his siren to get a moving truck, a couple cars east of the intersection, to get out of its way. Then the cop raised his hand as if to say "What the F?" and I raised my hand back at him (after all, I moved in, myself, less than a month ago) and the cop asks me, in a manner I am 100% positive he considered intimidating "Do you have a problem?"

     Our conversation went on for a couple minutes, proof, if anything, that his blaring of his siren had nothing to, whatsoever, with any police emergency. After that, he dropped off a woman, likely a date, out of the truck.  Who watches the watchers?

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