Saturday, January 24, 2009

I have been sorely remiss, the LTTE

     The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam.  The world's most prolific suicide bombers (Hindus killing Buddhists).  This, like so much conflict today, has some roots in Colonialism.  The British wanted to weaken the Sinhala-speaking, Buddhist (~75%) majority, so they gave all the powerful positions to the Tamil minority, who were a tad bit more sophisticated before the Brits arrived.  After the Brits left, and Democracy was adopted, things went ever downward for the Tamil.  The Sinhala bastards even tried to effectively outlaw their language, which led to mass riots. 

     Now the Sri Lankan government, dominated by the Sinhala, is on a tear, blowing up women and children and men and militants, asserting that they might be on the verge of destroying a terrorist group by force for the first time in history.  Could someone talk to them?  They are making sure the media is not allowed to witness their actions, atrocity or liberation, but, per usual, if it were just liberation, what would they have to hide?

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