Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The International Fugitive Gazan Law

     Whereas it is unlawful for any Gazan to leave the Gaza Strip, and

     Whereas it is possible, even likely, that some perfidious Gazans have escaped,

     Be It Therefore Resolved that any Federal Officer, of any of the Nations of Earth, who does not arrest and return a Fugitive Gazan shall be fined $1,000, and that the testimony of a single Israeli shall be proof that someone is Gazan and needs to be returned,

     Furthermore, Officers that do return Gazans to their just bombing shall be rewarded.
The 1850 Fugitive Slave Law in America fined federal officers $1,000, and were obliged to arrest and return any person to the South, to slavery, on the affadavit of a single slaveholder.

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