Sunday, January 25, 2009

Department of Fatherland Security, Joe Lieberman and Janet Napolitano?

     As punishment for endorsing John "I picked Palin, but can't remember whether al-Qaeda is a Sunni or Shia group" McCain, Joe Lieberman gets to Chair the Senate's Fatherland Security Department Committee. Obama nominated Janet Napolitano to succeed Tom "Plausible" Ridge and Michael "I hunt Whitewater criminals!" Chertoff as Secretary.

     Chertoff was an abomination.  No sane Senate should have confirmed the highly partisan Chertoff, unless they though Osama was doing questionable land deals through political connections in Arkansas.  May Chertoff's name be ever associated with the Bush administration, and may the Obama administration's success be even greater, so that an appropriate amount of soil and shame falls on the 2001-2008 years.

     But does someone think Janet Napolitano is a security expert?  She did work on part of the Oklahoma City Bombing case, but her first big political law case was Anita Hill.  She should be appointed to the cabinet, as a successful politician from Arizona who is term-limited from running in 2010, but Fatherland Security?  How about Interior?

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