Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush's Secret Plan? Redemptive Democracy

Did the President plan to discredit Democracy(really, Aristocratic-Republicanism) all along, or did he have bigger, long range plans, plans that might be called redemptive democracy?

Like lots of theories on this blog, no one is expecting anyone to take this seriously, but let us look at the facts

  • The big three troop contributors are currently America, Britan and Australia
  • Australia is having their election in October, America November, and early next year for Britain
  • The US President is heavily involved in his own campaign, according to one reliable report
Is George Walker Bush planning to lose?  If Bush, Howard of Australia, and Blair of Britain all lose, won't that show that Democracy works?  Won't that excite the people of the world of the powers they, themselves, could have?

Note: There is one major problem with this theory, and that is Britain.  Britain is a Parliamentarian Monarchy, with almost no emphasis on the Monarch.  This means, in practice, that Mr. Blair is only running for re-election in a district that is one/sixth the size of that a US Representative covers.  In other words, Blair will return to the House of Commons almost definitely.  If the Conservatives(Yikes!) or the Liberal-Democrats(bloody unlikely) take over, Blair is no longer PM, but the early indications show that Labour will maintain an absolute majority in the Commons.  If there is no absolute majority, Britain will have to have a coalition government.  Perhaps the Lib-Dems can stick it out for a Gordon Browne(did I remember that right?) PMship.  I do not believe there is a modern precedent for switching PMs if the party stays in power.  Anyone?

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