Saturday, September 18, 2004

Someone Asked...
"Is this a religious blog?" so I think I should get back to politics.
  To me, the Killian memos, (memos which claim Bush had to be given good things because of political pressure), always seemed entirely real.
  Some people, including Randi Rhodes of Air America Radio, say that because the memos were leaked only to Dan Rather of CBS, it sounds dubiouos.  If I had memos, not documents on official stationary, I would have a hard time proving they were real, so I would go to the one person I know/trust.  Politicians tend to leak things to single sources, because they all know it is a boon to the journalist to whom the story was leaked.
  Within four hours of the television broadcast of the story, the Stooge Republic began attacking the peice, mostly for lies about the nature of typography at the time.  Because it was an anonymous poster on Stooge Republic, the mainstream media picked up on it.
  Now it turns out that this person who posted anonymously has a regular history of mendacious garbage, and is nothing like anonymous anymore.  Thanks, Digby, for getting the story to me, and thanks to Democratic Underground, where it broke first.

  This LA Times story doesn't, up front, call MacDougland a "pull it out of his ass liar who still got attention from the mainstream media," and the timid reader might think MacDougland was more of a patriot than a scurrilously, and flagrantly lying loser.

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