Sunday, September 05, 2004

Praise the Lord!
Gentlemen, Rulers of the World, have I got the Good Word(tm) for you!  Don't fear about a Kerry election, because we no longer need to have elections!  The proof is quite simple, and even the thickest of your followers can understand.  Here we go...
  • The Lord of America, President George Walker Bush, gets direct answers from G-d!.
    • John Kerry certainly doesn't.
    • Yes/No answers from the Almighty are all a Nation can ask for from its leader!
    • Theocracy is a rule by the G-dly, which His Excellency George Walker Bush certainly is!
  • "Democracy" (spit!) was invented by Homosexual Greeks, and not G-d-fearing Americans like George Walker Bush, praised be he.
    • The evil men who forced "Democracy" (spit!) on America were, in fact, believers that G-d is One!  Every True Christian knows that G-d is Three (such heretics were executed in earlier times)!
    • Is there even any question that these "Framers" were in fact... Homosexuals?  If they were not, they were duped by the Homosexual Agenda to destroy America and sodomize the sons of the loyal and faithful followers of His Highness, George Walker Bush.
  • Monarchy is the most holy of all forms of Government.  Certainly if G-d has selected our Dear Leader, then there is no need to ask the hoi-polloi(common people, ignorant of the Most High's Grand Plans).
    • Like the Kaiser (Holy Roman Emperor, or Ceasar) before him, the Great George Walker Bush has been selected by God to be the unquestioned leader of the Greatest Nation on Earth.
    • To deny this is satanic.  Are you a tool of Satan?
  • Terrorists want us to have elections.
    • No elections mean no election-time terrorism!
    • Arab leaders want our Holy King(tm) to be replaced!
  There you go, Mr. Murdoch, Mr. Moon, and all the other craven media flunkies of the current regime.  In a nutshell, gays want you to vote, G-d wants Bush to be KING.
If you are a normal person, you might like this PhD's views on the theological aspects of Bush "diplomacy" (spit).
Dear Readers, please get your heads outside of your rears and realize that Bush is a Theocrat, a Born-Again Christian, and, for that, a loony.

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