Friday, March 18, 2005

Doug Feith Today

     I only caught the last ten minutes of Doug Feith, Deputy (Under?)Secretary of Defense for Policy.  Mr. Feith, true believer in the Iraq War, and the most shameless peddler of Iraq/Al-Qaeda links theories, didn't say much.

     He talked a bit about "not knowing" what the future might hold.  He tried to draw a comparison with the Cold War, where we apparently knew the Gulf of Tonkin event was to occur, where we knew the North of Korea would invade the South, where we knew in advance about revolutions and counter-revolutions around the world.  Certainly planning for all-out war with the Soviets would have been job one, but at no point did we ever know how it might start, or how it might go.

     Doug Feith is trying to get the press to justify extra-funding, and to have him seen as a very smart person, by referring to the unknown.

     The Reuters and VOA questions sucked.  I think I would have asked if there as much certainty before as he asserted, or as much uncertainty now.  Are we thinking that there is liable to be need for military action in the Western Hemisphere, or Western Europe?

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