Friday, March 25, 2005

War Monger Report: BBC UK

     Strangely enough, I hear the UK is far from supportive of Bush's efforts in Iran.  Anyway, BBC is bringing up this old, discredited peice of "War Monger Iran Disinformation" (Campaign, Set Peice 1).  I guess a story doesn't run unless they can find a real fool to report on it.

     What is Set Peice 1?  A swab of highly enriched U-235 that IAEA inspectors found during inspections of Iran's facilities.  At the time, Iran claimed two years ago that the material in question was simply leftover from the previous owner.

     Then, less than six months ago, as I blogged at the time, the IAEA experts decided that the contamination from previous owners "the imported components can probably account for all of the particles in question" (Arms Control Today).  Not, this was not some hasty decision, but one that was made after eighteen months had been available for study.

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