Friday, March 18, 2005

Feith Relisten, Today

     More than once Feith repeated mention of "countering ideological support for terrorism."  He later described it as "The only way we are going to win the war on terrorism is, as a country, by dealing with the ideological support that the terrorists get."  No one asked what this might entail.

     There was far more interest in the preventive/preemptive war talk, and Feith flat out lied when describing America as a country with even a preventive war past.  He makes two absurd comments on this matter.  He brings up tsunami relief.  FYI, we didn't pre-position relief forces before the tsunami, there was no preventative or pre-emptive angle.  He also brought up Haiti, where US-funded rebels were creating anarchy and wouldn't stop until Aristide left.  Likely Aristide would win 60+% in an election today, especially if the race was between him and the scumbags running the country now.


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