Friday, March 18, 2005

Bombing of SS Norway, almost two years ago

     It was al-Qaeda terrorism, I'm convinced.

     That's updated information from before, and I was cruising around and found this little tidbit concerning international worker rights

Claimants of victims in the May 25 explosion in Miami could get only 10,000 dollars (about 530,000 pesos) if the case were transferred to the Philippines from Florida, where they could get as much as one million dollars (53 million pesos), a Miami Herald report said last month.
A seafarers' contract negotiated by the Philippine government with the Malaysian-owned Norwegian cruise ship and other Miami-based cruise liners, allows the transfer of such cases to Philippine courts

UPDATE: More on the worker's rights angle of the story (unrelated to the succesful al-Qaeda attack in America which no one seems to care about) here
Aside from the unscrupulous practices in FOCs, Bayoneta also cited the practice of blacklisting of seamen by manning agencies and ship owners. These prevent seafarers who criticize anti-worker practices and unsafe conditions on a ship from boarding again.
"The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) engages in a similar practice except they call it 'watchlisting'. For us, it's the same thing because both practices prevent seafarers from being employed again just because they dare speak out against the unjust conditions they are subject to," said Bayoneta.

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