Thursday, February 09, 2006

Everyone's Involved,
or, Politics Agrees With Me

     The biggest event of the year for New Hampshire Democrats is this Friday night.  Governors Mark Warner, a likely Presidential candidate and tycoon, and New Hampshire's own John Lynch, one of the more popular Governors in the nation, will be the main guests.  But I feel like quite a guest, too.

     I'm being given a ticket by one of my House Representatives (SA).

     A City Councillor(KLH) got me a ride to the dinner (70 miles away).

     The regional Democrat Chair(JC) is the ride, and the City Councillor will be there, too.

     And I'm getting the ticket in the first place thanks to the efforts of my City Democrat Chair(GS), who, when we get to the Dinner, has promised to introduce me to people in the State Party organization, to whom I might be able to interest in my maps.

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