Saturday, February 18, 2006

Hamas' Big Day

     Hamas takes control of the Pali Parliament today, and news sources from around the world have some different takes.  The Jazeera has street interviews with an interesting variety of Pali people.  Don't be but off by the stridency of the first two, a Hamas and Fatah supporter, respectively.  Bloomberg, actually, is depressing.  Since I consider them a highly reliable news source, the fact they basically only quote the Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas(Abu Mazen), I'm thinking that there is no good side of the story related to the people who actually have power.  Reuters seems all over the map.  It says Hamas has already shot down the suggestions of Abbas, and plans to put forward its own peace deal (which is the same as Henry Kissinger's, based on the 1967 borders).  1000 points to anyone who can find a right wing pundit who both damns Hamas for this proposal, and at the same time either praises Kissinger or Nixon.  The Malaysian Star reports that Abbas is demanding that Hamas meet all of Pali's previous agreements.  No word on whether that applies to Bush unilaterally pulling out of treaties or not.

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