Friday, February 10, 2006

He Thinks We Are Idiots

     The lesson of 9/11 is that hijackings don't always have to end well.  In US history not one person had ever died during a hijacking.  No American will let this happen again.  I know I am not alone in thinking that, should my plane be hijacked, no four inch knife is going to deter me from wresting control of the plane.

     But "Bush" has decided to say that this time they were planning to hijack a plane with a shoe bomb.  With a bomb?  What the?  I, like millions of other Earthlings, would rather have the plane blow up than to die in a fiery blaze in a collision with a building.  It's a stupid story, but Bush actually hopes you believe it.

     The only other shoe bomber we know of was not trying to hijack the plane, he was trying to blow it up.  The only other shoe bomber we definitely know about was not trying to hijack the plane when he lit his shoes on fire.  If Flight 587 was bombed (certainly cops and firefighters say they saw it blow up) then it, too, was bombed without an attempted hijack.

     What other part of this story rings completely false?  Supposedly the plotters went to Usama bin-Laden(UBL), to seek his blessings.  The 9/11 attackers did not know Usama bin-Laden, they did not visit.  They did not have a group meeting with Khalid Sheikh-Muhammed, either.  Why would this effort be any different?  Who believes UBL was receiving guests from America right after 9/11? 

     Bush is a Bad Monkey.

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