Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Headline Rundown
  • CNN: Cheney to break silence on shooting.  I can't hardly pee.  What a non-story.
  • NY Times: Rice to Ask for $75 Million to Promote Democracy in Iran.  What, it took 200 billion to create the wonderful democracy in Iraq.  Is this going to be some sort of corner-cutting operation in Iran?&nsbp; On the cheap?
  • Bloomberg: Chertoff Says Reviewing U.S. Response to Katrina Is `Painful'.  Painful?  I thought the response was deadly.  Chertoff thinks it is painful to be a floating corpse?  Maybe he should give it a try.
  • News24: 325,000 names on terror list.  "We have a list of enemies.  The list is secret.  How you get on the list is secret." paraphrasing Robespierre during the Reign of Terror.
  • Asbestos Settlement Blocked in Senate.  Fuck off, this was an industry bill.  It's great news that it was blocked.  It was a "settlement" great for one party.  I suppose the headline is technically accurate.  Sorta like how "New Deal For Minimum Wage Defeated" without mentioning it was $1.25/hour.
  • I skipped a couple true crime headlines
  • MSNBC: Democratic bloggers abuzz over Hackett exit.  Where are they when the Democrat bloggers are abuzz over impeachemnt?  Seems clear they get to decide when they want to tell the world what the buzz is.  Blah.
  • LA Times: Swann's Now in an Open Field in Pennsylvania.  Holy crap this guy is an idiot.  I used to give Schwarzenegger a tiny bit of credit.  He does know and support youth fitness.  I think it is right up his alley.  You can't even say that for Swann.

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