Monday, February 27, 2006

Things I Think Are Important to Recall
  • The harder they come, the harder they fall (see: neo-cons) too bad the fortune's of America are so interlinked!
  • Originalism and the Religious Right do not mix.  Other than the Chaplain for each branch of Congress, you won't find anything in the first 50 years that talks about religion.
  • Reagan was an actor, a person who can adopt a personae and lie convincingly.  It was his efforts that smashed the post-war moderate consensus in favor of the plutocrats.
  • We are going to basically lose as long as they have a TV station, and we do not.
  • America doesn't need C-SPAN 4, we need 50 State C-SPANs.  The cable companies need to pony up. The level of competence of State officials is generally low.
  • I'm playing Go at the local Go Club, which is in a cafeteria at Dartmouth College.
  • Want to see an eye-opening example of photo-retouching? Try rolling over to see the original.

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