Monday, March 10, 2008

Destroying the Language

The word "reality" comes from the word Royal.  The King's perception is the fact.  I'm going to fast here, but the language sometimes changes just because "senior" people misuse it.  They don't get criticized for their mistakes, and there is strong incentive to repeat their mistakes.

So, the President who doesn't not know, or purposefully misuses, the English language, who has already totally blown away the meaning of "accountable" and "accountability" is now attempting to pervert the meaning of the word "unacceptable" (actually, this is probably not the first time).

"The White House on Monday condemned delays in Lebanon's presidential vote as 'unacceptable'" says the AFP.  If you can't "accept" something you act.  Are we promising an invasion?  Of course not, probably just more covert crap.

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