Friday, March 14, 2008

Media Torpedoing Obama Campaign

Pastor Wright, former preacher to Senator Obama, said stuff I agree with on the Sunday after September 11th.  The "blowback" argument that, the one Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA anti-bin-Laden unit makes, the one Ron Paul keeps trying to get the Republicans to acknowledge and that Rudy Giuliani seems so pathetically ignorant of.

So, this morning, Joe "healthy young girl died in my office of a head injury" Scarborough was going on and on about it.  The douche even implied that the things Wright was saying were so bad that they couldn't be repeated.  After a commercial, they brought on Chris "I hate her" Matthews who was saying that Wright's argument, which is the same argument as Michael Scheuer's, couldn't be made.  That somehow it was "blaming the victims."  Were the people who died on September 11th responsible for the last 75 years of US policy in the Middle East?

If that wasn't enough, CNN was covering the same material again this morning.  Here is the April, 2007 coverage of the same from the NY Times.

This clip of it is from the Media Matters website.

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