Sunday, March 02, 2008

Leonard Sax, Is this Fraud Dangerous?

The NY Times is pimping Leonard Sax's single-sex education for public schools.  I'm not really against the idea, I'm basically for it.  I think, for children who have reached puberty, who, if I remember correctly, having a great deal of curiosity and hormones to back that up, putting them in one classroom makes public education into something more than it is intended to be.

Before you read the NY Times crappy report by crappy reporter E. Weil, read this, which shows what a charlatan Leonard Sax is.

Can you believe crap like this gets in print?
One, from a girl with two fathers, read: "Dr. Sax, Thank you so much for coming to Burkes. . . . I had a smell in my room and my Dads couldn’t smell it but I could. I thought I was going crazy. It ends up there was a dead rat in the wall. Hope you come back soon."
This is supposed to make it seem like Dr. Sax is right. We had a dead small animal in the walls of house I lived in once. I smelled it more than the other resident of the house, a woman. Have I proved that men smell better than women?
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