Monday, March 10, 2008


  • Clinton Campaign Says Barack Omama Would Be a Good VP Choice
    That's a campaign on the ropes, for ya.
  • Obama Campaign Calls Clinton Campaign Tactics Deceptive
    Deceptive about saying you would be a good VP?
  • McCain Campaign to Launch New Fundraising Effort This Week
    Old fundraising effort and funny loans to be put behind us, by the media.
  • Sen. McCain Announces Travel Plans for Europe & Middle East Trip
    Where conservatives have some respect for him? Traitor!
  • Senate Intelligence Committee to Issue Report on Iraq War
    This is like George Washington, isn't it? How is he? Still dead.
  • Pentagon Report: China Is Two Years From Moderate War Ability
    Scarmonger report in time for elections. They still couldn't get their army across the ocean.
  • DNC Chair Says MI & FL Delegate Decision Is Up To Lawmakers
    Because they won't forget he once said Yeehaw
  • Democratic Governors Offer to Raise Funds for Second Primaries
    Dean said lawmakers, not law executors.

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