Sunday, April 04, 2004

How many Iranians should die, in 10s of thousands, to prove that we made a mistake in accusing Iran of having a nuclear bomb program? I think if it were up to the Bush administration, every single Iranian could die to prove that America, using the UN, is trumping up evidence in order to invade Iran. There is no nuclear bomb in Iran. There is no nuclear bomb program. We won't find one. We've never seen one (have you seen anything? Even one picture of a facility alleged to be a nuke plant?) But there is a lot of money in war. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Kill Kill Kill the Iranians. Follow Bush's Law! Bush is a warmongering killer. He doesn't deserve to be pooped on. His brains are smaller than a chihuahua's. And he thinks he's never wrong Didn't you like the way he called the Reverend Billy Graham Just to prove that jews will lose and spend etern' in flammes Bush is a blithering idiot He doesn't know ass end from up He's the stupidest man ever to be a fascist front. Can't we all, get along, and bomb a few with him? Taught to early chillens, killing is a sin.

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