Thursday, April 08, 2004

C Rice's Dumb Message
C Rice claims that there is a message in Iraq, for the Middle East. Let's look at that claim a moment. Is the message "For any reason, perhaps trumped up, America can invade you, kill any citizens who resist, at any stage, or who, using any authority, suggest others resist, and this is how you will become free." This is a dumb message. It is a message of terrorism. America's terrorism. Most people don't know the origin of terrorism, the French Reign of Terror of the Jacobites, led by Robespierre. In emulating the American Revolution, the French went way too far. They simply executed the aristocracy. Eventually, all of France was ruled by a committee of of the more radical revolutionaries (the milder party were Girondists, and they included some Aristocrats, like the mathematician, and marquis, Condorcet). In order to intimidate "enemies" of the French Revolution, Robespierre declared he had a list, a list of enemies of the State. Who was on the list? No one could learn. What was the evidence? That too, would be secret. Robespierre had prominent revolutionaries jailed and executed, based on the list, primarily people who disagreed politically. This threat, this palpable, vocal intimidation, is terrorism, in its original form. This is what GW Bush has done to the Middle East. This is what hate-filled right wing people do. Considering how low my opinions are of these people, they might feel intimidated by me, in which case they'd consider me a terrorist. Please don't be afraid. I am entirely non-violent, unless you strike at me.

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