Wednesday, April 07, 2004

My History
On September 4th, 2001, I signed a lease to move to Battery Park City, my residence about four blocks South of the former World Trade Center. My move in date was September 15th, 2001. I remember I almost asked to make in the tenth. I didn't get in till October 10th, 2001, because of the last American hijackings (four planes at once). You know, at the time, I was mad that the management company of my building was so unhelpful getting me into my new place. My old landlord, thankfully, was entirely understanding, but that was just luck, honestly (Thanks Bill!) But, considering how the government lied to New Yorkers about the risks of the air, it is probably just as well. For the record, my old apartment had been three blocks from the United Nations, on Murray Hill, in Tudor City. Guess who didn't go home for a long time on September 11th, living, as he did, near the UN? That day I walked along the Hudson up to about 110th Street, then headed across to a bar on the East Side, where I won a free shot of some awful liquer for knowing what a Zaibatsu was.

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