Friday, April 09, 2004

Horse Platoons
New York City has a Police Department, and it has lots of cops, in lots of roles. Some have beats, some have squad cars, some have motorcycles, some have motorscooters, and some have horses. There are six squads of horse cops in NYC.

This is a small potatoes issue, but there should be no more horse cops in NYC.

The reason they are there is for crowd control.

I can certainly agree that the PD's horses are very specially trained for this type of activity. Under all regular protest situations, I fully trust that the horses will follow the controls of their riders, and effectively perform their jobs.

However, something tells me that an action which is very possible, and possibly terrorist related, behind a line of horses doing crowd control over seated people (which I have seen), would result in people being crushed to death, in large numbers, by the horses.

Until such time as they are replaced with twice the number of crowd control trained police officers with appropriate equipment, horse crowd control units can never be scheduled to be at a certain event, that is how to avoid being a terrorist target.

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