Friday, April 09, 2004

Some people just don't get it
Ever want to see what one loony pro-Israel (embarassing to the country) site is doing?

See, some loony Israelis are really mad about Lebanon.

Like with those Americans who are apoplectic about the US leaving Viet Nam, some Israelis believe they must hate Lebanon forever.

The main revolutionary military group that drove Israel out is named Hezbollah. Hezbollah used a lot of terrorist style attacks on Israelis interests in Lebanon to acheive this victory.

Hezbollah is accused of a couple 1992 attacks in Argentina, but other than that, their targets have been in Lebanon.

Hezbollah runs schools, hospitals, and has a respected role in the government of Lebanon, at least according to some of the internally respected parties.

Forget it, I explained what was going on, I'm not going to link to that loony after all.

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