Sunday, August 24, 2003

A Story the Media Covered Up

     There has been terrorism in America since 9/11, and it was Al-Qaeda.  I say the media covered it up because I simply can't believe no one else figured it out.  Maybe I'm far smarter than I would have guessed.

     At least that's my reasoned opinion.  I, who was instantly packing his bags back in May when I caught a midnight broadcast on FOX News (cheaper than Ipecac) announcing that Homeland Security Threat Rainbow was being raised to HIGH. The threat was likely to occur within the next 2 days, they said, and the possible targets included Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C, and Norway.

     It was no joke.

     The US decided to keep embassy officials in Norway at home. Looks like the #2 al-Qaeda leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, was using the media to co-ordinate the attack, confusing the government of Norway in the process.

     Within three days, the cruise ship SS Norway was bombed, eight crewmembers killed, eighteen others injured outside port in Miami, Florida.

     An odd story: Lawyers tell clients to keep their mouths shut. I suppose that happens all the time, but here it sounds more like a threat.

     A week later, May 28, the cause is still being investigated.

     From the Phillipino Government, a press release saying at least seven Phillipino worker's remains have been returned home.

     Now, I don't know what normally happens in these situations, but the treatment of ten of the Filipino (non-citizen) workers who were injured seems surprisingly good. They have been put up in hotel rooms for more than six months. It makes me think that this special treatment is a way to buy silence.

     NTSB report from June, 2003 skirting around making conclusions

     One month later, the SS Norway is involved in other messes, this time with the FBI and dumping, but the FBI is involved with pre-explosion info.

UPDATE: As of March, 2005, the latest report on the "boiler room explosion" of the SS Norway on the NTSB website is here.  No finality to the investigation yet.