Sunday, November 21, 2004

Since there was interest

     From Arms Control Today, September, 2004:

As for the enriched uranium particles that the IAEA reported earlier this year, the agency’s investigation has apparently made progress. Iran claims that the particles originated from imported centrifuge components, but previous IAEA reports have questioned that explanation. This uncertainty suggested that Iran had either obtained or produced enriched uranium that it did not report. However, the Vienna diplomatic source stated that, despite these earlier reports, the imported components can probably account for all of the particles in question, but cautioned that this will not be confirmed for some time.

     Now, because reality works the way it does, and it is safer to err on the side of safety, Arms Control experts will never be able to conclusively say that Country Y isn't working on technology X.

     I've found this very readable explanation of enrichment in general.  It shows a picture of a French enrichment facility.  The facility is powered by four nuclear reactors producing 3000 Megawatts.  However, it doesn't mention the extra stuff one would find.  I'll keep looking for the Russia "admits" link.

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