Friday, April 21, 2006

Fantastic News for Neo-Cons and War-Lovers Everywhere!

     Israel is planning to retake the Gaza strip. 

     Why are they planning to retake Gaza?  Palestinians have fired hundreds of homemade missiles into southern Israel.  This was happening when they pulled out of Gaza so how can it be an excuse to reverse course?

     This is very bad for America in the Middle East, because America is Israel's lone defender in the United Nations, and is intimately linked to Israel in the minds of most people.

     Democratic elections, you see, don't help if people elect the wrong candidates!  Like the Shia in Iraq, or Hamas in Israel, or Ahmadinejad (freer election than most in the Middle East, where there are none) in Iran, or Chavez in Venezuela. 

     This is not about the Qassem Rockets, it is about Hamas.

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