Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What Iran Warmongers Don't Want You To Know

     The inspectors at the International Atomic Energy Administration (IAEA) know more about what is happening in Iran than anyone except the Iranian government itself.  They certainly can't report everything they know, for space considerations.  The IAEA has a web page especially for Iran.

     The real way to get the news isn't to read the newspapers, but to actually witness the events reported.  Often that is possible, even for American Citizens of limited resources, if they happen to have Cable Television and watch C-SPAN (also available on the web). 

     When it comes to the subject of Iran the "source" material basically comes from the right hand side bar of the IAEA web page, the "Documents and Reports."  Ideally, a reporter who specialized on the subject of Iran and nuclear development would read all of the reports, and only then ask for comment from individuals.  I will do that.

     The most recent report, Feb 15th IAEA Board Report (pdf) is 11 pages long.  There are lots of good quotes from it, that you won't read in the papers.  I am open to suggestions, but am planning on the following course of action. 

  1. Read the Reports, and highlight key findings
  2. Read a wide variety of News Stories on the Reports, and point out factual flaws

     It is clear to me, that no matter what the facts, the Bush administration and certain others want to start a war in Iran, thus making themselves enemies of an Aristocratic Republic (they kind we live in, aka a "representative democracy").

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