Monday, April 17, 2006

Six Generals Remain Calm

     Reported widely, six Generals have asked Rumsfeld to get out of the way.

     It's nice to see the top brass get behind Remain Calm blog, which has been calling for Rumsfeld's ouster for a half year or more now.  The top of my blog currently says "Remain Calm   Politics is for Adults, expect Strong Language.   Impeach the Secretary of Defense."

     Apparently, centrist Iraq-(and-Iran?)-war-enthusiast and House Democrat Harold Ford, Jr of Tennessee has been listening to the water cooler talk here at Remain Calm Global HQ, where, just three days ago, it dawned on your humble author that the only way to save the bacon of the current (ahem) "government" of the United States was to give Colin Powell the job.

     No, Powell is no hero for his role in lending his credibility to the current Iraq imbroglio, but that's not what I said.

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