Saturday, April 29, 2006

The neo-cons want the Democrats to take the House.

     Tom Lantos, the current Ranking and potential Chair, is an Iraq War voter, and is constantly viciously lying on the House Floor about Iran. He does the Bush administration proud.

     Jim Leach, who will take over as Chair if the Republicans maintain control, voted against the Iraq War. He voted against the rule which prevented debate on the Hunter Amendment (the faked up fuck-with-John-Murtha amendment). The vote on the rule was the real vote, not the 403-3 vote on the amendment itself.

     Leach, in the 5% most liberal Republicans in the House (if not the most liberal) bucked his party both times, against the Iraq War and against the rule.

     I don't know why.

     I don't even much care why.

     But I do know that this is unacceptable to Fox News and the neo-conservatives, who have no choice but to work for a Democrat victory in 2006 in the US House. The next ranking Democrats in the House Int'l Relations Committee, Berman and Ackerman, were both also Iraq War Voters.

     So, in my own Congressional District (NH-2), I have the co-Chair of the Tuesday Group, the centrist Republican caucus, Charles Bass.  Bass is a non-entity on International issues.  His contender is a Democrat, Paul Hodes, who is happy to jump on the Kill-Iranians-Dead! bandwagon.

     I want to run against them both.

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