Friday, April 14, 2006

White Republicans vote to Segregate Nebraska Schools - UPDATE 2

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     I'm not joking.  Ernie Chambers proposed it.  Ernie is an odd character.  There is no more bussing in Omaha, and Ernie argues that the move will allow the black and latino communities more control over "their own" schools.  Increased local control is one thing, and probably gained by sub-dividing OPS (Omaha Public Schools), but why must it be along "race" lines?

     Still, this is a totally stupid idea.  Way to increase racial tensions, Nebraskans.  <-- That is the good story on this issue. from the local Omaha news station, there is one other, available widely, from the AP's Scott Bauer.  The Governor is an asshat, since someone called him to talk about "qualified immunity" and he called it a "threat" (as if he is some brave hero for racial justice and is facing the disgruntled KKK already).

     The Nebraska Legislature has a rather detailed discussion of the passage of the bill here.

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