Friday, April 14, 2006

The Future Told From the Past!

     Neo-con die-hard and LOONY Charles Krauthammer, pseudo-con liberal-hater Dr. Satel and Newt Gingrich all spoke in April, 2003, right after the fall of Baghdad, hosted by the AEI, and aired on C-SPAN.  Program description is here.

     Charles Krauthammer, three years ago, mentions how North Korea and Iran are totally afraid and now (i.e. for the last three years) going to back down and do what America wants!  Woo Hoo!  This amazingly prescient neo-con assures the audience that the Victory in Iraq is a watershed of amazing intellectual (mentioned first), strategic and military progress.

     Dr. Satel spends her time worrying that Iraqis will get too much psycho-therapy for PTSD.  You see, some people aren't traumatized by war, and we really should not over-emphasize minor problems, and we better keep the UN and other NGOs out because that's their secret plan!  I seriously wish I was kidding.  Has her ass been kicked out of the public square yet?  We must fear that western modes of mental health therapy might be "imposed" on poor Iraqis!

     Newt "Divorced His Wife In the Hospital" Gingrich fawns on George Walker Bush and damns the State Department.  Cause we all know damn well that diplomacy is the damnable art and that war was the answer in Iraq.  He cites Bush's lying performance before the United Nations as the HIGH POINT of US diplomacy.  Newt relies entirely on the WMD argument, I suppose assuming that they would be found.

     The hypocrisy was astounding.


     MONEY QUOTE: (close paraphrase) "Hans Blix had five months to find weapons, we've had five weeks.  Come back to me in five months, if we still haven't found weapons of mass destruction, then we'll have a credibility problem."


     Newt demands that the press investigate no bid Bechtel contracts as strongly as (he wishes they would) investiage the UN Oil for Food "scandal."  I'd go so far as to suggest, and I think Newt hinted at this comparison, that the scale of press investigations into Bechtel be comprable to the UN investigation in proportion to the billions of dollars involved.  The actual UN Oil for Food scandal could, at very worst, be considered to comprise of two billion dollars, at least a third of which was detected and cut off by the UN.

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