Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Jack Straw, Foreign Minister of the Cabinet of Anthony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Jack Straw Explains to Loyal Members of British Parliament what they, in their infinite transparency, had considered "Central" to their Decision to, as it were, join Forces with the Yanks. for Our Late, Little War Facing questions about intelligence (from David Mackinlay, MP), Jack "Stuff Do Roll Downhill" Straw actually suggested that the 1. claim about the WMD being ready in 45 minutes for strike was 2. not "central" in the minds of Member of Parliament "Forty-five minutes to death!" cries apparently are the same as the assumed "We should always be calm and deliberative" which didn't mesh with the apparent complete lack of hard evidence. Chin up, Ol' Boy, you'll be famous for years. Every child will learn to ffear those who led us to down this path of scant knowledge, anti-Republican in its form Note: George Orwell's real name was Eric Blair.

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