Thursday, June 26, 2003

There are, or at least were, Republican Party members who believe in Civilization, and desired to increase the Sensation that Our Republic is a Great Republic. Projects, such as the Roman Aqueducts or, for lack of a recent American Example, the Interstate Highway System are one Expression of this Will. Iraq is now our Great Project. Police wear Blue and drive White and mean Secuity, as Police in Iraq mean Armored Personnel Carriers and the fastest possible response to Emergency by our Armed Forces. Since Our Nation sorely Lacks such a Forcein numbers sufficient to replace our Armed Forces in Iraq, apologies will have to made, but our Armies Can Not Remain in Iraq and Not Expect Iraqis to Fight Back. The First Priority of a Victorious Republic is to Withdraw our Troops, and yet to withdraw, hastily, would do harm. For these National Republican ends, the creation of a Department of International Security, or Police Corps, and an Iraqi National Police needs to be educated and established in new Facitilies throughout al-Iraq, and Humane Prisons, as needed, built. None of this Cost can be paid by the al-Iraqi Treasury.

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