Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The issue to be addressed is the role of a Republican Government, Our Federal Republic, in providing for the General Welfare of its Citizens with in the Realm of Public Health, and other matters
Without question, issues of readily communicable diseases should be addressed for anyone legally within our borders, and leave to Treaty the handling of the Rest. These Concerns are in fact Global, therefore both Republican and International. Yet, with the onset of possible acts of infamy within our borders, there is another, more relevant, more Republican concern, our Security. The Construction of Empty Hospitals, throughout the land, in these times, is a requirement of the Concerned Republican Governments. As with the great Granaries of Iraq, in case of times of Great Want, in times of crisis, we Shall Not Want for a Great Number of Empty Hospital Beds. The Construction of Empty Facilities for the Production of Potentially Vital Medical Supplies. As the General Health is so much more assisted by Ounces of Prevention, than a Pound of Cure, distribution of Vitamins and Minerals should be widespread. As with continuously refreshing aged stockpiles of medicines [1] The Construction of Adult Universities to Keep the Minds of the the Republic Active and Refreshed, to Propagate Knowledge of Safety, Technology, and Modern Public Health is Necessary.. A Republic might see fit to supply Courses in Civic Discourse, Foreign Languages, and Home Economic Training. The Construction of Empty Shelter fulfills the promise of Natural Disaster Relief and Evacuation. Departments of Meteors, Volcanism, Fires and Lightning, a Department of Drought and Flood, a Department of Tornados, Typhoons and Storms., and a Department of Mountains, Deserts and Oceans. The Government has an interest in mandating Worker's Insurance for Hazards, and there is none in mandating Insurance for the Home Economies. This can be held to refer to those tasks any Adult might do at Home. The School Calendar Year ought to be divided into Fourths for Children and Sixths for Adults. The amount of suffering saved from Children "held back" saved, alone, makes it worth it. I believe in single-sex education for The Estate Tax, not paid by Any Living Person shall not be paid by spouse nor children. As long as they live, they can draw freely from a Trust of the Estate. All other beneficiaries, and all monies not in Excess of those funds, shall be then taxed at the Estate Tax rate. Adult Public Education, Prevententive Medicine and Humane Pill Costs combine to form, arguably, the rational foundation of a Republic's Public Health policy.. As none of these are explicitly the responsibilty of the Federal Government, to the Exclusion of Those of the States, we are presented with Urgency, and this invites the suggestion that a Program Reference be drafted, which, if adopted by any State, shall be administered through the States, as planned. A individual who is Prescribed a Medicine pays no more than the Cost, Taxes, R&D share of the Drug's Manufacture Cost. I originally said a single account, putatively filled once, was sufficient, even though my notes show I also thought of a separate Hospice account. But I see now the Promise to America's Citizens is that, the medicines they take to save their lives Should Not Kill them for Profit. Corporations that cross Soveriegn Borders necessitate Either the Unacceptable to any Republican, an International Authority to Tax, Police, and Rule Them, for no Treaty has yet been known to be Permanent. Those Members of the Armed Forces Desiring to be Trained in numerous Martial Arts, and Also of Learning to Teach Those Arts, are to be retained. Smaller numbers of Increasingly Smarter Arms are to be produced. [1] Said differently in the original draft.

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