Tuesday, June 24, 2003

A most decrepit State in the understanding of Thinking
This is a well-known multi-dimensional map of Napoleon's March to Moscow I give 1 dimension for the width of the band (it's a little more) I give 2 dimensions for the geographic map (I have seen this with a panel above, adding the full two dimensions) The temperature is another dimension. Color can be used for more than one dimension, from two to three. Partial Dimensions came out of Fractal Algebra, invented in 1975. But many people have seen a Fractal. The next two to three dimensions can be displayed with computers in what would appear to be a cascading display of matrices of CAD drawings. Actually, with the cascading bit, that's 3-4 dimensions. But, in practice, the number of dimensions expressed this could be as few as one plus time, just as color will normally express will be less than three, unless it is color itself that is being mapped :) I have only thought of a practical example or two within six or seven dimensions that would be pleasing to the eye. $450,000,and I keep 49% of any post-use profits WARNING! All investigations are prying of one sort or another. Governments have a self-interest in keeping the prying to the interests of the Republic Security. What are ediles?

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