Monday, June 23, 2003

On Our Republic and the late Iraq War

     Each Republic has a duty to Consider Volunteering its Armed Forces when another Republic is attacked. When the decision to volunteer is reached, secret negotiations with other Republics should commence, and, with sufficient agreement, preparations made. I saw only the big Constitutional Monarchies with us, the Kingdoms of Spain, of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, side by side by lonely side. The Republic of Korea and the Constitutional Monarchy of Japan were there for our Cause, but, if vigor of endorsement is any test, their "Aye"s were just "Present"s until after the War's Conclusion, the same with All Nations except the United Kingdom and the Republic of Poland.

     The local governments, the Republic of Turkey, the Republican Theocracy of Iran, the Absolute Monarchies of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Syria, nor the mystifying government of Egypt., agreed to endorse our plan. Turkey's people, almost unanimously against the War, would have likely not have stood for any other decision.

     The Parliamentary Theocratic Republic of Israel, a government whose Constitution was changed in the early 1990s to combat political corruption, and is engaged in not only enacting indignities no human should suffer, but preventing journalists or the United Nations from finding out about it, can not publicly take part. The Honorable President Ronald Wilson Reagan rightly condemned Israel when it "pre-emptively" struck the Osirik Nuclear Reactor in Iraq. In other words, the assistance of the Israeli "Republic' is little endorsement indeed (whose troops can't fight, for fear of making our putative enemies Enraged!)

     Among our neighbors, neither the Republic of Mexico nor the Constitutional Monarchy of Canada could be convinced of the danger to Regional or World Peace, sometime strategy of Republics in Concert.

     In General, we should also Consider Volunteering protect Constitutional Monarchies from more terrible forms of Government, as we should protect Absolute Monarchs from the Tyrant, as the Honorable President George Herbert Walker Bush did in with regards to the Emireate of Kuwait and the Tyrant of Iraq.

     No leader,in the entire coalition of 41, except Iceland's, faced elections for more than a year from the first day of this war, and Iceland's Prime Minister was toppled.

     With the idea to have the Senate Censure the President, for violating Republican Principles, and to have the House prevent further warring by the Honorable President George Walker Bush, without proving the case of the need for the war, with its power of the purse, if need be, I do commend this post.

     Thank you all.