Thursday, June 26, 2003

Membership of the Global Republican League
The Sovereignity of your Nation must stand Elections. Or a Plan has been Established to become Such a Nation. Or such a Plan is under development. The Membership Standing of the (latter two|lattermost) Classes Stand Constant Election by the League (Members|Republics) The Mystical Nations (Israel, Vatican City, and Iran), and any Legal Mystical Republics ahead, are Members, or Not, as a Group. Protocols for the Emissaries of Tyrants Even the Tyrant will be allowed Three Polite Persons for Each Relevant Venue during Sessions, though No Accomodation need be made for where they Sleep, and a Host (Republic|Member) must be (Named|Agreed to) After World War II the Honorable President Truman began our fight in the War without Bombs to Fight International Totalitarianism. I have millions of people to thank, especially Chomsky, for his Parsing, and Wall, for his Parser, and Mom, for the Post-Partum When Radio became available, messages could be gotten everywhere, and the League of Nations was born. With Television, the horror of reality belied the Leauge, and there was Another War, and the United Nations was born. There does not need to be a War this time.

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