Sunday, May 22, 2005

Deepak Lal, BookTV

     It is hard to imagine a more confused person.  This dipshit thinks the Chinese "Empire" has lasted for 5,000 years.  This dufus divides liberty into the political, civil and economic, and considers political to be unimportant.  As you can well imagine, the audience at the American Enterprise Institute will eventually applaud.  Even as this idiot declares that America had become the premiere economy by about 1920, and that America has never fully embraced free trade, he continues that free trade is unquestionably an economic good, he compares it to a law of physics.

     To be fair, AEI also had Robert Kagan refute _some_ of Lal's assertions, even as Kagan isn't really my cup of tea.

     To be even fairer, they then had Allan Meltzer refute him.  Lal, in his response, proved yet again his totalitarian leanings when he declares that China may be our best hope.

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