Wednesday, May 18, 2005

It is my pleasure

     It is my pleasure to announce that my programming efforts have succeeded in producing something worthy of celebration.  Ergo, I celebrate.  There are a couple thing I need to add to get it into the shape necessary for outside user testing, namely, "leave" "modify" and "delete."  Please understand that these are eventualities, not possibilities, and the timeframe embodied in their inevitableness is short, indeed.  Which reminds me, while attempting to talk some sense into some True Believers©® I used this term, heirloom misapprehension, to describe religion.  Anyone else as fond of the phrase as I?  Certainly the mainstream religions are passed from parent to child, like any heirloom.  And may the divinity of Jesus instantly join the rubbish heap upon which the theory of the 1/3 divinity of Giglamesh lays.

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