Saturday, May 14, 2005

Progress Update

     I've been working a lot on my code, it's 1000s of lines of code already, plus tons of HTML.  This means it is tough for me to blog what I'd like.  This morning, reading about Coalition of the Willing ally Uzbekistan filling people with lead slugs in order to keep the peace, I was reminded of how the US responded when something similar happened in Venezuela.  In Venezuela, the authorities were defensive, and claimed some of this wasn't their fault.  In Uzbekistan, the government seems a bit proud of its accomplishments.  As you can imagine, the Bush administration called Venezuela illegitimate and ripe for takeover, as it sympathized with Uzbekistan.  No links, of course.

     When times get like this, I tend to go to other blogs.  I tend to go to blogs with opposing views, that allow comments, and I try to go to ones that hold some meaning. is run by the guy who wrote the book "Compassionate Conservatism," for which President GW Bush wrote the forward, and is run by Marvin Olasky. is an employee of the Australian Liberal Party (a pro-business 3rd party) and attempts to be the voice for all the good news coming out of Iraq.

     I'd say I'm 24 hours or less of programming away from something primitive that a person can, basically, use.  Harry, thanks for the offer of help with checking it out. 

     Oh, here's something I put up on my old website ( before the Iraq War.  I had a whole website dedicate to the topic, and I still like it.  The base for this image is a CIA timeline of Iraq, available at the Perry Castaneda library online.  I added in some extra data points.  For example, the CIA somehow managed to miss "Britain invades Iraq" _twice_.  Timeline.  Note: The "leftist, Koran burnings" should point to Gen Qasim, not the Hashemite Kingdoms.

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