Saturday, May 07, 2005


     Almost, almost, almost...


     I've been an extremely well compensated programmer at a 12K+ employee firm, and it turns out everyone around me thought I was really good at my job.

     That was before Iraq.  I stopped working that day.  Just stopped showing up for work.  I was dumbstruck.  Until the bombs actually started dropping I still held out this hope that it wouldn't really happen, that something would intervene and the US would score some sort of diplomatic "victory" by threatening overwhelming firepower.  How foolish I was.

     In the last couple years I've been working on some software projects that have political, but not commercial, value.

     One is rapidly approaching alpha testing phase.  I'm hoping that people who read this blog, specifically those who do not work for government, are not assigned jobs by government, are not contracted to government, and are not assigns of contractors of the government, and all extensions thereof (e.g. contractors of assigns of contractors of contractors of government), will be willing to help out.  Point out bugs, things that aren't instantly obvious, style or language issues.

     I'm always Josh at Narins dot net, and I'm also JoshSimeon on AIM.  Simeon happens to be my middle name.  It is the translation into English of the Hebrew Shimon.  Simon was taken, so they chose the Welsh name Simeon.  It represents to me the Simulated Eon.  This last Eon has been that of multicellular life (Phanerozoic).  The next, perhaps beginning 5-10K years ago, that of cogent, or self-aware life.

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