Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Give em Hell, Harry

     I won't believe I was the first to think of that headline for this story, but ya never know.

     Senate Minority Leader H Reid called President Bush a "loser" and Fed Chair A Greenspan a "partisan hack."

     There should be no doubt that the latter is true.  By many measures, however, the President is not a "loser."  Some election or something.

     Apparently he earlier called Frist "amateur leadership" and that is accurate, too. 

     For those Democrats who might doubt the wisdom of Reid in his position, I wouldn't worry.  First of all, it isn't like the Republicans have cut the Dems any breaks anyway, or honestly sought a broad consensus on any issue.  Secondly, there is no doubt in my mind that H Reid is, if too business-like, an efficient manager of events.  Either that, or he plays one well on TV.

     Tip to WTF is it now, also check out her post on GOP morality, here.

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