Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Above and Below

     Wouldn't it be heavenly to cause something to happen which would result in the Middle East spiraling uncontrollably towards peace?  I don't even think I need a ticket to France...

     Why should you care about voting systems (see post below)?  Because that's the only way sane way to vote!  What we do know isn't a plot by the two parties to make a two party system, it is just bad math.  It does, however, make a two party system.  Not only that, pretty much every time in US history that a President lost because of "radicals" who supported a third party, the result was that the hyper-enthusiasts caused their own side to lose.  It happened twice with anti-Slavery people losing to pro-Slavery people because of the votes of abolitionists.  It looks like it happened a few other times, and it most certainly happened in 1912, when Woodrow Wilson won and brought segregation to Washington, DC.  Taft and Roosevelt split their side.

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