Friday, June 02, 2006

Talking Points Memo Gets It Wrong

     Did John Solomon at AP get it right?  Definitely not.  But check out TPM Muckraker Paul Kiel bends over backwards to defend Senator Reid, and goes too far.

     Try to imagine a piece of paper that lets you into a front row seat at an event.  Does it matter _one_whit_ if it is called "a ticket" or a "credential?"  The plain fact is that it allows someone into a front row seat at a paid event.  The seat was worth, oh, $1400 or $1500. 

     Don't get me wrong.  Solomon is worthless muck for trying to suggest that Senator Reid, who voted _for_ the Comission that the "credential" givers didn't want, is somehow in the wrong here.  It is, for all I can tell, nearly a non-issue.  It is hard to imagine that attending a boxing match could in any way advance the interests of the Country is hard to imagine, but people can't work all the time, and, as entertainment goes, some people like boxing, and lots of people who gain high office like to think that people will give them things out of thanks.

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