Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Late Remain Calm Endorsement

     When the Anthrax Letters were being sent to newspapers and democrats, I was working in downtown NYC, at a temporary office that my company had set up after my office had been destroyed (scroll down a bit)

     There was a large TV in the lobby of the building, and as people filed in for work in the morning, they gruesomely collected watched the screen to see how far these new attacks would go.  It wasn't clear at that stage that it was most likely a psychopath like Dr. Hatfill.  It was fairly tense.  No one was making jokes about white powder letters that I could hear, and people were wasting a lot of time going to CNN.com for breaking information.

     Which leads me to the upside of this post, that according to a cartoonist, the President encouraged _everyone_ to come to my blog...
(emphasis mine)

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