Sunday, June 18, 2006

Powerline Myopia on Ledeen

     Powerlineblog is defending Michael Ledeen, saying he's never called for a "war" on Iran.  What fools these Republicans be.

     What he has done is call for regime change, which is basically the same thing. 

      For example, we all know Ledeen wants America to "succeed" in forcing Iraq into the modern age, and he writes
      The only way to end Tehran's continual sponsorship of terror[in Iraq] is to bring about the demise of the present Iranian regime.
        Ledeen, in the article linked, also says this bit of insanity
      Americans must understand that the war in Iraq is in reality a regional war which unites religious fanatics like the Iranians and radical secularists like the Syrians and Saddam's Iraqi supporters. The terrorists include Shiites like Sadr and murderous Sunnis like al Qaeda leader Abu Musab Zarqawi

     What he has also done is declare that Iran is already at war with America.

      In the article linked, as just one of many examples, Ledeen writes
      [F]ollowing the facts to their logical conclusion: Iran is at war with us.

     Ledeen, suffering from a permanently attached fish-eye lens on his worldview, still isn't so stupid as to think he would get to declare war, even if he made the case for it.  How can one argue that "regime change" is necessary and that they are already at war with us without knowing that these arguments are seized upon by those who advocate war?  Surely, PowerLineBlog doesn't think Ledeen is that much of an idiot.

     Sometimes it sounds like Ledeen is only begging for a chance to try the hugely unsucessful plan of providing a Radio MARTI like station for Iranians, instead of for Cubans, broadcasting in the great truth "Bush says you are evil. Bush launches wars against evil. The people you elect are hated by Americans" from America to the Iranian people, yearning to breathe free.

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