Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Hampshire Democratic State Convention

     Senato Feingold spoke in the morning.  I wonder if he yet gets the Bush administration.

     Resolutions passed to support Feingold's censure motion(fine, whatever), to get America into a single payer/universal coverage system (long story, overall a bad idea), and a motion to impeach the President (Doh! President Cheney?).

     Former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner called Ahmadinejad a "jihadi" and "the real deal"(threatwise, as compared to Saddam).  Thanks, dipshit Warner.

     UPDATE1: FUCK AP: Associated Press runs headline that Warner has "bashes" President Bush and "lashes out" at Bush.  This is a criminal deception.  Did Warner criticize the President?  Certainly.  Did Warner even make jokes at the expense of the President ("that would take an administration that believes in Science")?  Yes.

     Fuck the AP hacks.  Other reports, including the fucking Times Dispatch write about Warner "blasting" and a "strong attack" on Bush. 

     All other coverage I've found, also from the Fucking AP, strongly emphasized Senator Feingold over Governor Warner.  Warner was far more "keynote" than Feingold, and far less a likely candidate, but that's how the AP can twist what actually happened, and turn people off to Democrats.  Fuck the AP

     UPDATE2: Not one report tells the NEWS!  New Hampshire Democratic Convention turnout highest in thirty years!  That was the Ford-Carter election.

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