Friday, April 18, 2008

Catches Today: Sharpton/Robertson, Expelled, and the Pope

I saw a television advertisement this morning with Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson sitting together on a couch.  I'll let that sink in before I continue.  Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson were sitting together, looking as cozy as could be, explaining how the one thing they could agree on was environmentalism, protecting the planet.  I still like Albert Gore, Jr.

I also heard an advertisement for the abyssmal, Ben Stein narrated, anti-intellectual movie called Expelled, which takes the side of Intelligent Design.  The ad ended by saying "No Intelligence Allowed" but what I heard was "No Intelligents Allowed."

The Pope went on and on about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  He rarely strayed from that topic.  I don't find it completely defensible, I'm surprised the Catholic Church does.  He was quite the politician, never naming names.  We know he is against the Iraq War, as was James Pierpont (was that his name?) the Second, When he said that people's whose rights are trampled will rush to the arms of the militants, I thought "American occupation of Iraq" but, of course, any dictator could have been the antecedent.

UPDATE: I also caught a news flash (almost forgot) saying that South Korea decided to a deal on trade in US cattle flesh
scant hours before a meeting between the US President and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak at Camp David.  I mention this because I am amused at how confused Bush gets when the itinerary gets changed right before a meeting.  A cheer for South Korea!

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